Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poe mill Contest

Saturday July 12th

1st place..Justin (push skateshop)
2nd place..Eric hunt (push)
3rd place..Rorey (push)
..seeing a trend?
4th place..Eric crawl (4 down skateshop)
So north carolina pretty much shut us down this time...Congrats and thanks to everyone that came out and donated money for the spot! We raised $125 this contest 25 up from the last.
Thanks to our sponsors: Low card, Mystery, Zero,DLXSF, Independent, and Santa Cruz
All Photo's taken by Eli Warren
© Eli Warren, 2008
More Photo's comming soon

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Photon Torpedo Tube said...

Nice pictures of the 7/12 Foundation contest. We went to Push Skateshop this weekend and those guys are, rightfully, proud of their sweep. Perhaps it was the fact they didn't have to wear their knee and elbow pads?