Friday, May 23, 2008

5 questions with Lurker TravisBLZR-How do you feel about your B/f Taylor Moving to NC

Lurker Travis-Well, right when he moved out i threw the Futon he slept on away and cleaned my room. So far so good. I ain't gotta tote no one around either.

BLZR-Whats your favorite color

Lurker Travis- White "hahahahaha"

BLZR- Skateboard or Fixed Gear

Lurker Travis- Ride my bike to go skate homie

BLZR- What's your set up

Lurker Travis- Shed board, inde trucks, spitfire wheels, swiss bearings, jessup tape shun

BLZR- Last time you died on your skeebird

Lurker Travis- Shreddin this pool..went straight to the concrete baby

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